We love for people to have a good time and celebrate special occasions

This venue is excellent for large parties and events.

This venue is EXCELLENT for large parties or events, retreats, family gatherings for holidays, class/college reunions, special surprise birthdays, engagement parties, bachelor/bachlorette celebrations etc.

Our most important goal is to make sure everyone who comes has an unforgettable time and creates unforgettable memories! It is a special place and we feel honored you may be considering it for such a special moment. My wife and I had our wedding celebration here:) I also highly suggest looking at the website the knot for more resources. While I believe our farm is an amazing place there are many other options out there and the most important thing is that you are aware of all the options and satisfied:) This is a DIY place and NO Pressure.


Download a PDF Map of the property

View trails and get an idea of the layout of the property.

Event Details

*Please remember this is a DIY venue and we do not have a staff of people to assist. Thank you 🙂

Maximum capacity is 150 people. Only 20 cars can park on property comfortably. (We have a large lawn that can fit 30-40 more cars but if it rains that becomes an issue) We must discuss if you plan on having more than 20 cars.

General Pricing
Event pricing for over 20 people starts at $75 per person. After 50 people drops to $50 per person. What is included in that price is 1 day of your choice either Friday, Saturday or Sunday from 8am to 10 ish pm. You will have at least one day prior to decorate and prepare. There will be NO other guests that entire weekend which will allow you to decide if you would like to add on 1-2 nights for friends and family to spend the night.

Pole Barn

We also have a large pole barn which could be used for a large party of people.*** The space has concert stage speakers, amplifier, mixer ready to go for a DJ or band. Or just plug in your phone and play Pandora/Spotify;)

Pole Barn is special request only and reserved for large parties and special events only. Really only needed if party is larger than 20 people. An extra fee will be determined based on number of people and type of event.

Extra Costs to Consider
You may choose any vendor you like as long as they are licensed and insured and provide paperwork.

  • Event Insurance $100-250 depending on size
  • Bathroom accommodations $150-300 depending on size (Luxury Bathroom trailers run $1500 hundred plus)
  • Tent, table, chairs, dance floor etc. About $500 and up depending on size. Add ons like dance floor, side panels, lighting can push cost into $15 hundred plus range.
  • Food, Beverages, plates, utensils etc. are up to you and as long as the supplier is insured and adds us to their policy as additional insured. If you decide to do a potluck or get Wegmans or Whole Foods prepared foods and BYO then insurance not needed.
  • Shuttle to transport guests. $300 and up 15 car maximum parking at any given time.

You are welcome to use any reputable company. I know several in the area I can recommend.

Notes/ For Your Safety

Please let me know if you think I missed any safety concerns or warnings and I will add them to this list! Thank you 🙂

Bridge over canal
No walking, running, etc. on bridge over canal - it is not safe and could break.

Please be careful to pick up trash when leaving especially cigarette butts, empty bottles or cans, runaway napkins, plates, plastic bags etc. We do have a compost pit and if you are able to do that just let me know and I can show you where that is. Or just bag it up and I will take care of it.

Firewood is not free and unlimited
Please only use firewood we set up for you. You can buy extra firewood if you want it. $5 small stack $50 large stack. Just ask. Any dead branches or fallen trees you are welcome to burn in firepit!!! Feel free to forage in woods for fire wood.

Wood burning stove inside.
During Winter months we supply unlimited wood to burn inside the home at no charge. We supply 1 small stack of wood per night to burn outside and you are welcome to find any dead wood in forest for free. We sell extra wood at $5 per small stack and $50 for large stack.

Poison Ivy & Bugs
If hiking in the woods be careful not to touch poison ivy. It is a vine that grows up trees and around shrubs, 3 leaves and shiny. Also, check for ticks. We are in the North East of the United States and they are in the woods. If you are planning on hanging outside all day or night I recommend bringing bug/mosquito repellant. Just a precaution.

We have 2 cats, Dexter a Maine Coon and Tasha a siamese. They are both very friendly.

Only 15 cars can park on property comfortably. You will need to hire a shuttle if you plan on having more than 15 cars.

Use property at own risk. No lifeguard on duty. SWIMMING IS NOT PERMITTED.

Let's start the conversation.

Call/Text: 215-510-0806

Email: joetartaglia99@gmail.com

Main House Stay

Looking for more than just a camping site? We offer a stay at the Main House featuring 5 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and enough room to comfortably sleep up to 14 guests


We offer on-site camping. Bring your own tents, food, and supplies. We provide wood and water. We follow the golden rule of camping: Pack it in, pack it out.